Think Global, Act Local: Swift Global Implementation

A globalized and fast-paced world provides lots of challenges for international businesses. That’s why BIG IDEAS visual merchandising concepts are swiftly and globally implemented to guarantee a cohesive brand appearance for our international clients. 

BIG IDEAS Global Installations
BIG IDEAS Global Installations

Complex tasks like worldwide rollouts require streamlined management and expert control. That’s why we built a diverse team of experts who are experienced in all areas of the industry, allowing us to tackle jobs that are as specialized as our professionals. 

A personalized team will realize all visual merchandising concepts, from window or in-store displays for apparel and interior brands.

Budget: All-Inclusive Service

  • Travel time and expenses included

  • Six global pricing zones

  • One price list within the same country 


Multiple Time Zones, Around-the-Clock Access

  • A dedicated account manager on stand-by

  • Reach us anytime at one of our global offices

BIG IDEAS Global Installations Bang & Olfusen Singapore
BIG IDEAS Global Installations Victorinox London
BIG IDEAS Global Installations Marc O'Polo Munich
BIG IDEAS Espresso Cup

Reporting: Be In the Know

  • Access project details at any time through our online platform

  • Real-time overview of past or upcoming tasks and store visits

  • Individualized reporting templates

  • Detailed reports with before-and-after pictures

  • Ability to customize automated report

Want to find out more? The team at BIG IDEAS can’t wait to hear from you.