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About Us

BIG IDEAS Visual Merchandising is a full-service agency backed by a team of international retail and visual merchandising experts. We offer strategy development, design, production and global rollouts for global retailers with the goal of creating unforgettable customer experiences and generating significant sales growth for our clients. 


Consulting, In-Store + Window Design 


BIG IDEAS advises and supports brands to ensure a perfect customer experience at the point of sale. As part of the process, BIG IDEAS assumes the creative direction for innovative window and in-store concepts, as well as the display production and global delivery. We provide detailed visual merchandising guidelines to tailor concepts to every point of sale. Upon request, we can also provide those in the form of virtual reality directives. 

Global Visual Merchandising Implementation


With its visual merchandising field support, BIG IDEAS is able to implement window and in-store concepts worldwide. The global team consists of local visual merchandising experts who focus both on the performance and visual appearance of the brand. With offices in Europe and North America, BIG IDEAS is available to its customers virtually 24/7.


BIG IDEAS has offices in Europe and the US and serves a variety of renowned international brands. 

BIG IDEAS Espresso Cup

Retail Recruitment 


Want to expand your business? BIG IDEAS specializes in the recruitment of visual merchandising professionals. 

Our years of experience in retail enable us to find the right candidates for any corporate or in-store positions, from visual merchandising experts and to store designers.

Lectures, Workshops, Trainings


Bring in BIG IDEAS to host a lecture, workshop, or on-site training at your conference or corporate event to get the latest on retail trends, retail experience, or visual merchandising.

Want to find out more? The team at BIG IDEAS can’t wait to hear from you.  

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