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BIG IDEAS Retail Consulting


Your customers are central to our work. We intend to get to know their shopping profile, their preferences, and their pain points as intimately as possible. To us, pain points are always an opportunity to improve customer experience and to transform them into positive encounters.

The successful brick-and-mortar retailer of the future will need to identify clear competitive advantages in process management and service performance while staying on top of the innovations of the online competition.

BIG IDEAS Retail Consulting
BIG IDEAS Retail Consulting

BIG IDEAS analyzes your business according to four success strategies to identify opportunities and test your brand’s potential for attracting customers in the future.

The most important strategy revolves around creating that special brand experience for your customers. Solutions can range from community hubs to fun product trials. Our strategies always include the newest technologies. When it comes to virtual reality, we are able to expand the sales floor and product assortment beyond what’s physically possible, allowing customers to experience products in any environment imaginable. 

Thanks to AI technology, we can now respond to customer inquiries in real-time and adapt in-store navigation to match that of an e-commerce business. Sustainability is gaining more and more importance among retailers, and it comprises our fourth success strategy. Alongside a growing demand for sustainable products, customers also expect brands to use sustainable materials in their store design and displays.

Together as partners, we ensure that your business chooses the right strategies to retain relevance among your customer base. Your goals are our goals: customer satisfaction, increased brand presence, and increased profits. 

BIG IDEAS Retail Consulting


  • Holistic design including product presentation/modulation, shop fitting, and POS-design with a focus on customer experience

  • POS and process analysis

  • Identification of optimization and cost-saving opportunities

  • Implementation and evaluation of test designs

  • Sales floor overhaul and redesign

  • Category management, technical product displays, floor planning, customer management, and POS design concepts

  • Interim and project management

Want to find out more? The team at BIG IDEAS can’t wait to hear from you. 

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