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BIG IDEAS Lectures + Workshops

Maximize Your POS Know-How

In an increasingly globalized and digital world, conditions and frameworks in retail are always changing. To ensure success in the future, retailers need the courage to constantly evolve.

In order to master today’s challenges, we have to rethink retail from scratch. “RETAIL ISN’T DEAD” author Matthias Spanke can offer you and your team the coaching you need to make that transition into the future of retail.

BIG IDEAS Matthias Spanke Lectures + Workshops
BIG IDEAS Matthias Spanke Lectures + Workshops

With our expert help, you will learn how to use the advantages of physical retail and innovatively adapt them to the 21st century marketplace. 



  • Newest in-store technologies

  • Innovative brand experiences

  • Sustainability as retail strategy

  • Adapting online retail strategies

With our extensive lecture and training portfolio, BIG IDEAS Visual Merchandising can deliver international insights into the newest trends in store design, visual merchandising, and retail strategy directly to you and your team. All training formats and practical elements can be individually customized to your needs

BIG IDEAS Matthias Spanke Lectures + Workshops

BIG IDEAS Visual Merchandising uses a combination of expert knowledge and emotional appeals to create a unique advantage for your business.


Lectures: Fresh Impulses for Your Team 

  • Speaker: Retail expert Matthias Spanke

  • Retail and visual merchandising trends

  • Customized to your business needs

  • Short in-house sessions or all-day events


Workshops: Tailored to Your Business

  • In-house workshops with retail expert Matthias Spanke

  • Contents customized to your goals  and your teams

  • Current know-how and practical elements

  • Collaborative concept development for a strong brand 

BIG IDEAS Matthias Spanke Lectures + Workshops

Recent Speaker Engagements:


Want to find out more? The team at BIG IDEAS can’t wait to hear from you. 

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