Subsidiary Company BIG CAREERS Retail Recruitment

Our recruitment services are offered through our sister agency BIG CAREERS Retail Recruitment. BIG CAREERS specializes in personnel consultancy and recruitment in retail, management, design, sales and procurement. With years of expertise in the retail industry, the BIG CAREERS team will assist you in finding the perfect candidate for any position within your organization. Our candidates have retail in their DNA.

We seek out the best visual merchandising experts, store managers, sales directors and talent within the retail industry and connect them with your company.

BIG CAREERS will take care of the global recruitment and placement of professionals in all product areas and career levels. Thanks to our network of international contacts and more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we can offer you a curated pool of more than 7,500 trained professionals. Most importantly, our instincts never fail.

The earlier you find your dream candidate, the earlier you can get started on building a successful team. That’s why we provide you with a selection of hand-picked candidates within 14 days of assignment.


Risk-free guarantee: Our selection of candidates is not binding and we only charge upon successful recruitment.

Want to find out more? The team at BIG IDEAS can’t wait to hear from you.